Our main events each year are our showcases. These showcases display our pieces but also are the main driving force for our philanthropy. We will attempt to raise funds for charity during these showcases and our ticket sales will go toward this cause. However, in order to put a production together of this caliber, we need more than just ticket sales. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes as far as rehersals and renting space for rehersals, venue booking, costumes, media documentation, and much much more.

If you want to help us grow and give back, your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Please email for further information or view and fill out the forms below and email them to us.

 You can also contribute here: Contribute


Nari Sponsorship Form

Photography: We highly recommend Puja Studio for all your photography/videography needs! See their info below.

Dipesh @pujastudio

Puja Studio is a Chicago-based photo and video company run by Dipesh Mehta. We do everything from family portraits to dance competitions to weddings! Every person has a unique story we can’t wait to capture. We’ve partnered with Nari Dance Company as we stand with them in their mission, cause, and message as they showcase the culture and arts of South Asia to the world. 

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Alexandria Vulpone

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