Nari Dance Company, founded by Artistic Director Kinjal Bhatt, is dedicated to creating a community of dance, individual expression, and philanthropy, while increasing awareness of South Asian-American dance styles.

The word Nari translates to “woman” in Hindi. But the word means much more than that. This word holds so much value, especially today, where women are speaking up and coming together to create an even louder, influential voice. The dance company hopes to create an environment for women to express themselves without judgement and to create and grow together.

The company expresses dances through the styles of (but not limited to) Indian classical (such as bharatnatyam and kathak), Indian folk (such as garba and bhangra), jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and Bollywood dance.

The fusion of these dance styles expresses the fusion of the dancers’ backgrounds, in blending the traditional South-Asian with the ever-changing American cultures and through that bringing about a whole new way to look at music and dance.

Welcome to our journey…


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